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Oh, my!  April has almost passed and I’m just getting this posted…and I’m actually procrastinating, even now with what I should be doing.  ;^)  I’m in the final week of my next-to-last semester in professional writing!  Soooo, I’m supposed to be writing!  ;^-  (I am!)  Actually, I tried something new and set up the photos with this post as a draft, then came back and wrote the content later, then scheduled a date to post it — and that didn’t happen.  Hmmm — first time for me and this tiny corner of technology, but I’ll figure it out next time!

April’s teacup is from one of my favorite sets.  My Great-Aunt Lois, my paternal grandmother’s youngest sister, hand-painted this porcelain cup, years ago for me at the request of my mother.  Beautiful dogwood flowers are the theme.  I love to see the dogwoods in the spring.  I usually keep an eye on one spot in the park where I know a dogwood lives.  This year I missed it.  (I’m missing a lot, but that’s okay, because what I’m doing sort of makes up for it.)  ;^)

Aunt Lois and my Uncle Bob lived in New Mexico where I was born and many of my relatives still live.  Now, Aunt Lois and Uncle Bob live less than an hour from me in Oklahoma.  I love to stop in for a visit.  There are always smiles and welcoming hugs.

Each cup in this set is painted just a little differently in pinks, violets, and greens.

Aunt Lois painted a tiny  scene underneath each cup.  Each one of these is different, too.  What a treasure.

I photographed it when my wisteria was blooming, brief, but spectacular.  ;^)

The tea is one of my favorites ~~ a naturally sweet and fruity herbal by Tazo called Passion.  It has hibiscus in it.  It makes a nice hot tea for something different and is really good iced, as well, since we’ve already gone into the 90s in Oklahoma this spring!!!

I hope that you can take a moment to pour a cup of tea, relax for a moment, and take in the beauty of the day.  Thank you for stopping by!


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