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“Good prose is like a window pane.” (George Orwell)

University classes began this week.  That means for now, not much else will occur.  ;^)  And that’s fine.  I know it’s a season.  Diving into and digging out from under homework will be about all I do.  Good thing I love it.  So, today’s reading of “Why I Write,” by Mr. Orwell, provided some inspiration for a moment of fun.  The phrase turned over and over in my mind.  I thought about why I write and for whom.  I thought about a window pane.  What does it do?  And why is it like good prose?  Well, glass is usually clear, so maybe it helps make ideas clear.  It focuses, frames, and helps you see inside.  It enables visibility.  Glass protects from outside elements, while allowing light to filter in.  Therefore, it dispels darkness.

I like that.

So, I ambled outdoors on this unseasonably warm Oklahoma day and located a spare window pane.  ;^)  (One of the many perks of having a handy-dandy artistic daughter in residence.)  ;^)  She brought her camera out and I brought mine.  We perched the window up in the tree and started shooting.  This photo is hers, but she insisted it was a collaborative effort.  ;^)  Now that is art.  Clear, focused writing — light shining, illuminated darkness.  Looking up into a place of beauty.  Nice.  ;^)



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