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I’ve mentioned the Mythology/Folklore course that I enjoyed last semester before graduation.  One of the requirements of the class was to build our own website and incorporate fairytales that we wrote into a theme.  I had such a great time with this assignment.  I shared with the instructor that I would like to find a way to do this full time, if only I could get paid.  ;^)  I researched original fairytales and folklore, then spun my own tales.  I used all of my own photography, as well.  My fellow students — bright, creative souls, had the generosity to vote my site as Best of Class.  I was over the moon excited — such a great honor.  I share it with you here:

Tea and Fairy Tales with Miss C

You’ll find four tales, including an Irish story for this Merry Month of March.  ;^)

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I’m very excited to share my plans for the summer with you.  I realize that you may not be so excited about my plans, since you would most likely be more excited about your plans, especially if they involve a beach and swaying palm trees.  However, my summer will be spent close to home and I’ve cooked up some excitement.  I am preparing for the “big” class at the university in the fall ~~ the catapult into my future ~~ Writing the Novel.  I’ve waited four years (and really a lifetime) for this class.

(I know — I know — get on to the big news.) Patience, please…just bear with me while I share a little more background.

A genre has to be selected for my novel  — such as, mystery, thriller, or romance (aren’t they all connected?  I’m not so good at any of those subjects in real life — I’m not sure how they would turn out on the page….)

Science fiction — no, too close to my previous life and very uncomfortable to talk about, much less write about.  Western — (maybe, since I grew up in Nevada near the silver mines and gambling halls….)

Fantasy … well, maybe.  I do enjoy studying the history of many eras, but especially that of Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales — where many of my ancestors came from (I’m looking for a king or a queen in the family files, you know.) (Isn’t everybody?)  Anyway … fantasy… well, you know, too, that a great deal of my thought life  is spent floating in the air among the clouds and castles I’ve built there.  What better genre for me than fantasy?    ;^)

I was thinking about spending time this summer studying Charles Dickens, or Shakespeare, or Jane Austen and giving some of their ideas a fantastical tweak.  Or maybe Stephanie Myers.  You know, the sparkling vampires get such a bad rap in the upper eschelon of professional writing classes at the U….(I thought maybe that I could write about UNsparkled faery vampires full of teen angst …. You don’t think that’s been overdone, do you?)  (We could call it, “Twiflight.”) (Don’t get me wrong — I read the books and watched the movies because there is always something to learn.)  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  My lesson is this:  The author is laughing all the way to the bank.  ;^)

Well, anyway — while deciding which direction to take, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but …

A brochure!  (It fluttered through my yard one day, twisting and turning on a wild breeze that we, on the prairie, call a “dust devil.”)  I snatched the brochure from its dusty landing.   This was the title:   Announcing the Summer Mentorship of Gaelic Gnome Lending in Education Society.  Or SMOGGLES, as we will refer to it in the future.  ;^)

Here’s the basic idea of all the info:  They would send gnomes to me from Europe to exchange information about Gaelic Gnome and Faerie History and Folklore.  Well, as you can imagine — that is a deal that I could not pass up.  That was it!  My genre — Historical Fantasy!  I would learn about real gnomes and faeries and then write about them.  That certainly could never be overdone.

All that would be required of me was the exchange of gnomes or faeries from my area, with one or two of theirs! (And, of course, lodging and a tiny bit of food for the summer.)  Well, I promptly rounded up a couple of cowboy gnomes. (Everybody knows that Oklahoma is one of the most magical areas on the continent.  The cowboy gnomes are rare, but really not that difficult to locate….)  It was quite an experience, but that is another story for another time.  I sent them on their way to Europe and awaited the arrival of my exchange.

The blessed day finally came and the gnomes were to fly in by Red-Tailed Hawk Courier at one o’clock in the afternoon.  I sat out on a lawn chair and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Hours passed.  I feared that the Oklahoma Red-Tailed Hawks did not take too kindly to the Gaelic Gnomes and may have stopped for a snack.  I went in the house and phoned the proper authorities and after much red tape and hullabaloo, I was stricken.  My gnomes were lost before they ever arrived.

Well, I went back out to the patio with some refreshment in hand (tea, mind you,) to lament the poor luck of it all.

I sat in the porch swing and sipped my cup of “tea,” sighing all the while.

It began faintly at first, just rising over the sound of the crickets and cicadas in the locust trees and the evening breezes.  I heard the strains of a jolly Irish tune filtering through the air.

“La Li La Lie … O’er the skies we fly … La Li La Loo … Bringin’ magic to you … La Li La Lold … The truth be told … La Li La Lie … We’d soon spit in y’er eye ….”  (Well, I’m pretty sure those were the lyrics, but I can’t be certain, it was faint and distant.)

I made my way around the yard, checking under rocks and fence posts, when finally, this is what I found:

Don’t forget to “click” and enlarge! You simply must see this to believe it! ;^)

My gnomes!  They had arrived after all and were taking a moment of recuperation in what they said was the most comfy spot in my garden!  (The rest of it is pretty well covered by weeds.)  I was elated.  There they were — in all reality.  Gnomes and their little packs holding all their worldly goods and magic!  From the Gaelic Isles — or the “Old Country” as they like to call it.  Well — I’m very excited to introduce them to you.  But that will have to wait for another post — they are hungry and tired from the long journey.  I must run and sort out the details (and let the SMOGGLES know that the gnomes have arrived safely.)   Stay tuned for updates.

Miss Cynthia  ;^)

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Welcome to my virtual tearoom!  Find a comfy spot to sit, pour a steaming cup of your favorite tea and let’s chat!

My hope for you here is to find a peaceful place in blog world where you can relax.  The teapot will always be full.  The food will be plentiful and excellent.  The conversation will ebb and flow.  The smiles will be perpetual.

What will find its way to this page?  There will be talk of tea, of course.  Recipes and good ideas will be shared.  Tea cups, teapots, and anything tea-related will be in abundance.  Funny stories, quips, anecdotes, quotes, photos, friendship and great conversation will be at the ready.

As an appropriate beginning to a blog about all-things-tea…I’d like to share my favorite tea with you.  Every morning, before I can even see straight, I head for the tea cabinet.  I reach for the herbal peppermint tea.  My preference is Celestial Seasoning’s Peppermint.  (I promise you — they’re not paying me to say that.  I wish they were.  When they do, I’ll let you know.)  ;^)

When the cup is in my hand and I have taken a sip, all begins to be well with the world.

The fragrance contains something of a revival in it.  This tea tastes like you just went out to your garden and gathered a fist full of fresh peppermint leaves.  After my first cup, I can begin to let my brain take the first baby steps toward the idea of breakfast.

By the time I make the second cup, my eyes are open and complete sentences are beginning to form.

Is anyone else like this in the morning?

I wish I was a morning person, I really do.  I need to be a morning person.

Tell me about your mornings and your tea.

It is very nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by!  (The next cup of tea will be much warmer, now that we’ve broken the ice.)  ;^)

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