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Words.  They can be very powerful.  Choose yours carefully.

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Seize the Day! (Did you enlarge my photo? It's very cool.) ;^)

It looks to be a glorious day in Oklahoma to seize.   ;^)   Just a brief note ~~ I wanted to read more about the term, “Carpe Diem” (originally from a Latin poem by Horace.)  One explanation says, “to pick, pluck, pluck off, cull, crop, gather”, but Ovid used the word in the sense of, “To enjoy, seize, use, make use of”.  (Wikipedia)    (I like Wikipedia, okay???!!!)   ;^D

So ~~ Go pick, pluck, pluck off, cull, crop, gather, enjoy, seize, use and make use of your day.   ;^D

I’m going to.

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A beautiful alder tree on my country road. (Be sure to click to enlarge ~~ it's kind of spectacular.) ;^)

With the “falling back” of the clock at the beginning of the week, I think that autumn decided to officially arrive in this neck of the woods.

The temperatures are definitely cooler, requiring at least a sweater, and even my wool coat one day. The big plus about the cooler temps is remembering the heat wave and drought that Oklahoma endured this summer. I am loving this! But the greatest benefit, outside of comfort, is the changing colors of the leaves. I thought that since there was so much brown during the summer, we would not have a bright fall. I was wrong ~~ no problem there ~~ I’m glad. In fact, I think this is one of the brightest and most colorful falls that I can remember. There are gorgeous gold, amber, and garnet hues. I’ve been out with my camera a few times, but tomorrow, I’m going out in full force.

Along with the changes of the season, I’ve been inspired to make a few small changes in my life, as well. I was privileged to attend a meeting with a wonderful, vibrant speaker. She quickly became a friend ~~ she graduated from the same college I’m attending and she blogs (professionally) ~~ among other things. She gave such life and spark to the title of “writer.” Her talk about writing fueled my fire. Not that it’s gone out ~~ it just sort of flares ~~ especially around due dates of papers for classes. Then, other times, it just sits there ~~ like a simmering lump of coal. (Do you ever do that?) ;^)

But I am a writer! My goal is to make the words that I put to the paper come alive (and hopefully, benefit you, too.)  When you take the time to visit this blog ~~ I want it to be worth your time. I’d like you to look forward to the next visit. So, lumps of coal, we can not have. Must have flames ~~ must have light. ;^)

I’ve updated some details on the appearance of this blog, to make it more user-friendly. (Note the menu tabs at the top of the page.) I’ve also added some links and switched some other details up.

I will be blogging more frequently and adding some categories. Some of the posts will continue in the main style that I began with. Some will be shorter, perhaps just a photograph and a quote. In your busy life, if you take the time to click on Miss Cynthia’s ~~ I’d like you to leave here inspired ~~ if not laughing, well, as least smiling. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Thank you for reading what I write. I really do appreciate it.  I also really appreciate the extra time that you take to comment.  Please, let me know that you were here ~~ because that is what really matters to me ~~ not that I get to talk talk talk because it’s my blog,   ;^)  but that we had a conversation.    ;^)  Thank you, Miss Cynthia

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