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I love to laugh. Laughing lightens life up a bit. It brings a new perspective to intense situations. I don’t even mind laughing at myself. It serves to remind me to never take myself too seriously. Just like tea, laughter has proven health benefits!

Do you have a story that contains an embarrassing “slip” of the tongue or even a literal fashion faux pas, such as “your slip showing?” I have dozens of these stories. Yes, my blunders are funny fodder.

I would like to make “Pardon Me, but Your Slip is Showing” a regular Sunday feature. Pour yourself a cup of tea (I’m currently drinking iced-tea, because it is already very warm in Oklahoma!) I’ll tell my story first, OK? Be thinking of your story to tell. Let’s get laughing….

Around twenty years ago, I visited a new church. I went on a short trip with a group of people to a restaurant, in order to make friends and become better acquainted. As several changes had been made in my life, I really wanted to make a good impression.
Like many women, as soon as our van arrived at the restaurant, my first stop was the ladies’ room. In those days, loose, wide-legged palazzo pants were fashionable.
The bathroom floor was not clean. To keep my palazzo pants from hitting the floor while I was in the stall, I decided to tuck them into my knee-high hose.
After returning to the restaurant dining area, I noticed a few odd stares.
My palazzo pants were still tucked into my knee-high hose.
I quickly un-tucked them. What could I do but laugh at myself and rush to sit down?

So much for great first-impressions!

Your turn! (Can you top that?) ;^)

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Welcome to my virtual tearoom!  Find a comfy spot to sit, pour a steaming cup of your favorite tea and let’s chat!

My hope for you here is to find a peaceful place in blog world where you can relax.  The teapot will always be full.  The food will be plentiful and excellent.  The conversation will ebb and flow.  The smiles will be perpetual.

What will find its way to this page?  There will be talk of tea, of course.  Recipes and good ideas will be shared.  Tea cups, teapots, and anything tea-related will be in abundance.  Funny stories, quips, anecdotes, quotes, photos, friendship and great conversation will be at the ready.

As an appropriate beginning to a blog about all-things-tea…I’d like to share my favorite tea with you.  Every morning, before I can even see straight, I head for the tea cabinet.  I reach for the herbal peppermint tea.  My preference is Celestial Seasoning’s Peppermint.  (I promise you — they’re not paying me to say that.  I wish they were.  When they do, I’ll let you know.)  ;^)

When the cup is in my hand and I have taken a sip, all begins to be well with the world.

The fragrance contains something of a revival in it.  This tea tastes like you just went out to your garden and gathered a fist full of fresh peppermint leaves.  After my first cup, I can begin to let my brain take the first baby steps toward the idea of breakfast.

By the time I make the second cup, my eyes are open and complete sentences are beginning to form.

Is anyone else like this in the morning?

I wish I was a morning person, I really do.  I need to be a morning person.

Tell me about your mornings and your tea.

It is very nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by!  (The next cup of tea will be much warmer, now that we’ve broken the ice.)  ;^)

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Hello world!

The tea-kettle is on and the whistle is steaming!  Let’s pour a nice spot of tea and get this tea-party rolling!

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